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General Discussion

For discussing issues related to RPG Podcasts and YouTube Channels. Also, apply for your own forum here!
4 months ago
by jddennis

RPG Crosstalk Show

This is the forum for the RPG Crosstalk Show, where we highlight the podcasts on this forum and any topics of note in the community.
over a year ago
by Devon

Audio Nerd(members only)

The workshop for podcasters. Ask questions about audio editing, production, tools, ID3 tags, bit rates... anything you like. We'll offer each other advice and try to improve each other's work.
2 months ago
by Strangelette

Producer ForumsTopicsPostsLast updated

2 GMs, 1 Mic

Two GMs sharing a Mic to discuss the subtle art of Game Mastering. We're all about improving the craft of running and playing RPGs.
8 days ago
by 1d4cast_James

Bone Thrower's Theater

Bone Throwers Theater (BTT) is an actual play podcast. Here's the campaign's elevator pitch:
After a horrible, species-jumping virus has completely mutated Earth, the space-faring descendants send a team of scientists and soldiers back to see if they ca
3 months ago
by jddennis

Canon Puncture

Canon Puncture is a biweekly podcast about the joy of playing tabletop role-playing games. It is produced by Rich Rogers and Arnold Cassell. Discuss all the fascinating issues raised in their podcasts here!
6 months ago
by orklord


Evan and Michael (and sometimes guests) podcast a show called Dungeon Talk where we discuss RPG's in general and D&D specifically. We use our recent games as a springboard but also cover topics from questions sent in, twitter or community chatter. We als
1 months ago
by Jonathon

A Game of Whit's

A Game of Whit's is a podcast of actual play experiences, gaming discussion, and product reviews for pen and paper/tabletop gaming.
over a year ago
by vai bara


We are a roundtable podcast discussing table-top roleplaying games, wargames, movies, books, television and various other topics of gamer culture
5 months ago
by labrego

Geeky and Genki

Geeky & Genki - We primarily discuss indie / story games and Asian pop culture (I know, a weird mix) - mostly discuss what's going on at our gaming table, some design / mechanics talk, and interviews.
over a year ago
by Alex Mayo

The Grumpy Celt

Normally postings appear three times a week. Wednesdays are podcasts, reviews or columns related to table top RPGS. Mondays feature videos or images and in the future these will relate to the Wednesday podcast. Fridays feature some game content or fiction
over a year ago
by Grumpy Celt

G.U.B.A.R. - Geeked Up Beyond All Recognition

GUBAR is an RPG, gaming, and geek themed podcast. We focus on over analyzing ideas we find interesting about RPGs. We plan to have a series of episodes focused on non-gaming geeks and their passions called O.G. - OtherGeek, in the future.

We are availa
over a year ago
by orklord

Knights of the Night

A group of roleplayers who have been playing together for 30-ish years. Two Brothers, Two Nephews and Three Friends put out their AP podcast .
1 months ago
by Tom Flanagan

The Misdirected Mark Podcast

The Misdirected Mark Podcast is about gaming, game mastering and whatever else we feel like talking about. We chat about what we're playing, a topic generally covering game mastering where I try to bring my burgeoning knowledge of Indy game ideas to tradi
4 weeks ago
by Chris Sniezak

Mom's Basement Podcast

Mom's Basement Podcast is three adult RPG lovers talking about game design from one participant's mother's basement. The 'cast offers an irreverent, goofy and openly unprofessional style mixed with honest critique of small press and work-in-progress games
10 months ago
by Alex Swingle

Monkey in the Cage

A podcast about gaming, geek culture, and everything in between.
over a year ago
by KarenintheCage

Narrative Control

Narrative Control is a podcast to reflect on the gaming experiences on Sean Nittner and his co-hosts. They present their reactions to game sessions, conventions, and other game theory. In turn, they're contributing to the existing conversations presented
11 months ago
by Sean Nittner

Rolling 20s

An RPG industry podcast, Eloy and guests look at various aspects of what it takes to publish, write, edit, etc for roleplaying games.
over a year ago
by Alex Swingle

Roo Sack Gamers

An actual play podcast edited for content and time and featuring story games like Burning Empires, Burning Wheel, Savage Worlds
34 hours ago
by Elf_NFB

Self Critical Hits

Self Critical Hits - Its a rpg podcast of amusingly ill-informed opinions about things you probably aren't interested in. Plus lots of tangents about movies, politics, film, porn, and other inane ridiculousness.
5 months ago
by Miles

Shark Bone Podcast

Shark Bone is a podcast where Devon Kelley and his friends mine a piece of popular media for game story ideas, then take a look at a mechanic or tool to make your game sessions better! Discuss his ideas and play techniques here!
2 months ago
by Avi

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