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David J Rowe
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One of the things that I have been thinking on is that when you have a nobile lineage there is a history to which your are being compared.  Your actions are going to be compared to your parents, grand-parents, and great great great grandparents.

An interesting idea for nobility comes from the anime AKB0048.  http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/AKB0048

The anime is the story of a famous musical group (like the Beetles or Kiss) to which people aspire to join.  People that join are the replacements for a current member of the group which is modeled around a historical member of the group (like John Lennon the 33rd or Gene Simmons the 29th).  The story focuses on the 77th generation of people aspiring to join the group.

The fans judge people based on which they feel is the best representation of the character from the original group.  There is plenty of pressure to be judged by appearance and musical talent.

This would also be a good basis for an all Bards campaign as the musical group regularly ends up in battles with an anti-music movement that regularly attacks concerts and bans music from various planets.

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