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All right. The gloves are off. The ref has been kicked out of the ring. And we're ready for battle!

Alex had a fun idea to do a Reef Off, where they will be doing a GM's Reef segment on the same movie we did for episode 117. Here, you can comment on how well both shows did and let us know who you think won.

Have at it!


Listen to Shark Bone!


July 27, 2012 at 12:26 AM Flag Quote & Reply

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And here's our episode:

Episode 52: Shark Boning

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Tom Flanagan
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Well... I listened to both, and sorry Mom's Basement guys, but Shark Bone won this round. But truthfully, it was an unfair fight. The Shark Boners have been doing this since.. well the beginning.

They (the Shark Bone crew) just had more and better ideas that could be sprinkled into adventures, while your crew had a few, but often had ideas that would be a great idea for a game (not an adventure idea).

But like I said, it was unfair from the start. The next round should be in your style. :)


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Wait, we were supposed to be coming up with adventure ideas?


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